Mid June – Goal Reached

The daddy bod is reducing. It is nice to see. My knees and ankles don’t hurt anymore. I have more energy for everything. Life is fun.

Over April and May I lost a combined 20 pounds. It went fast.

Now over the month of June, I have lost ~ 5 pounds. I am at my initial goal. I am just under 200 pounds! I haven’t been under 200 pounds for at least 5 years.

I have to give credit to my wife for helping me eat better over the months of April and May. She did a wonderful job of cooking and watching what we ate.

The technology that helped me with my exercise is the Microsoft Band. I love how it tracks my workouts and keeps up with the time of when I should rest and when to start again.

Now, why was June not as productive as April and May?

The answer is daddy life. Daddy life is when everybody gets busy and meals are an afterthought.

We have had:

  • basketball start,
  • dance recitals,
  • vacation bible camp,
  • girl scouts,
  • birthdays (daughter turned 6 and son turned 1),
  • 10th anniversary with my lovely wife,
  • father’s day and normal summer activities,
  • And house guests.
  • Here is to getting back to eating better. Fewer hotdogs and more healthy stuff, like bacon 😉

    My new goal is to reduce my pants size to a 34

    Start of the Summer

    It has been 2 months and I have lost 25 pounds!

    I have done what I started out to do.

    I am exercising every day.  I am eating better. And with the occasionally miss, sleeping about 7 hours every night.

    I do have some tricks (not really) on how I lost the weight.  I will be writing that soon.

    Getting Started

    So I am a thirty something with a beautiful wife, 4 great kids and a puppy.  I am a manager in the software world, which means I don’t do a lot of moving at work.

    I have found that I have let myself get out of shape.  This is not what I had imagined.  I use to be an athlete.  I use to be moving all the time.

    This has to change.  It has changed.  I have lost 8 pounds in the last 4 weeks.

    I have a plan.  It is not rocket science either.

    Step 1: I am going to get more sleep.  4 hours just won’t cut it any more.

    Step 2: Eat smarter.  My wife is helping me with this.  She is great.

    Finally, Step 3: Move more.  Exercise everyday.  Take the stairs.  Stand up more.  In short, get off my butt.


    Tune in to see how I do.  I promise, it will be fun (at least you get a chance to laugh at me).