7 Step Upper Body Workout


Here is my 7 step upper body workout.

My focus of this exercise routine is to build strength while keeping my heart rate up.

I have made these items generic from the standpoint of just saying “Bench Press” and not “Barbell Bench Press”. The reason for this is to allow you to change things up. Some days I use the normal barbell bench press and some days I use dumbbells.

If you are just starting out, use the same method for a while. If you have been at it for 4 or more months, mix and match to keep from getting too bored.

I rest 1 minute between each type of work out.

I have this workout synced to my Microsoft Band. It tells me when and what to do. It is how I stay honest in my workout. If you don’t want to use the Band, use something to keep you on track.

See my post on how to use the Microsoft Band for guided workouts