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These instructions are an adaptation of what Microsoft suggests. They have decent instructions but put more than is needed in one place.


First, you will need to use the Microsoft Health App on your phone. You need to choose which workout you want to do. I only have 2, upper body and lower body. Some of you will have 1 and others will have up to 7 different workouts (one for each day of the week if they are different).

Find a workout on the Health app on your Phone (iPhone, Android or Windows Phone)

Open the Microsoft Health app.

To find a guided workout, tap the Menu  button:Menu icon

> Find a Workout, choose one of the following:

    • Tap My Workouts to see a list of your custom or edited workouts.
    • Tap Favorites to see a list of your favorite selected workouts.
    • Tap Browse by Brand to find workouts by top fitness brands.
    • Tap Browse by Type to find workouts in categories such as strength, body weight, running, or golfing.
    • Or Use SearchSearch icon


When you find a workout you’re interested in, tap it.

Download the workout

When you find a workout, sync it to your Band:

    • On the Overview tab, tap Sync this workout to your Band Download icon

Once the workout is synced to your band, you are done with your phone for now. You can leave it in the car, or take it with you and listen to some tunes.

Now you are ready to use your band.

Track your guided workout

Here’s how to get started:

Step 1:

Swipe left and tap the Guided Workout TileThe Guided Workout Tile


Step 2:

Double-press the action button to begin your guided workout.

Now you are working out.

Your Band will prompt you through the exercises, counting down the time or reps left to completion.

When you complete each exercise, your Band vibrates to let you know it’s time to move on to the next exercise. For some exercises, your Band will even let you know when it’s time to rest.
Step 3:

Press the action button when you’ve completed the reps or the countdown timer reaches zero. Your Band will continue to prompt you through the rest of the workout routine.

A guided workout on Microsoft Band

If you want to pause your workout, quickly double-press the action button. While taking a break, you can use the back arrow to check your email or use other features on your Band.

When you’re ready to begin working out again, tap the Guided Workout Tile

The Guided Workout Tile

, swipe left, and tap Resume.

Resume or End on Microsoft Band

Step 4: When you’re all done, the band will tell you your workout is complete.

View your guided workout stats

There are several ways to see your guided workout stats: on your Band, in the Health app on your phone, and online in your Microsoft Health web dashboard.

On your Band

When you’re done with your workout, swipe left to cycle through your stats. Your Band shows you key stats from your last guided workout:

Workout duration icon Workout duration
Calories burned icon Calories burned
Heart rate icon Peak and average heart rate

for Microsoft’s guide look here



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